Evergreen Shrubs

 Site Legend

  • E - Plants designated as low or moderate water use on the El Paso County Suggested Plant List are indicated as "E".
  • L - Plants designated as low or moderate water use on the Las Cruces Plant List will be indicated as "L".

Water Requirement:

  • H = High water use. Either large volumes or frequent application of water is needed throughout the life of the plant; weekly or more often during peak summer months.
  • M = Moderate water use. Some supplemental water is needed throughout the life of the plant; at least twice monthly during peak summer months once established.
  • L = Low water use. Able to survive once established without supplemental water; water needed at least once a month for plants to look their best.

Soils Suitability:

  • Suitable for any soil unless specific one listed.


  • Plants with high pollen production are indicated as "P"
Scientific name Common name Water Height Sunlight Soil
Agave Parryi Parry Agave L 30" Full Sun
Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi - L Kinnikinnick
Bearberry Manzanita
M / H 6" X 24" Shade
Artemisia Filifolia - EL Treadleaf or Sand Sagebrush L 2 to 5' Full Sandy
Atriplex Canescens - EL Fourwing Saltbush L 2 to 5' Full Sand
Berberis Gladwynensis 'William Penn' Barberry M / H to 6" Part / Full
Cercocarpus Montanus - L Mountain Mahogany M 4 to 12' Full
Cotoneaster Congestus - L Pyrenees Cotoneaster M / H to 3' Part / Full
Cotoneaster Salicifolius - L Willowleaf Cotoneaster M to 15' Full
Cowania Mexicana - EL Cliffrose L 4 to 20' Full
Dasylirion Wheeleri - EL Wheeler Sotol L 31" Full Sandy
Ephedra Viridis - L Mormon Tea L 2 to 4' Full Sandy
Euonymus Kiautschovia 'Manhattan' Euonymus M to 6' Part / Full
Fallugia Paradoxa - EL Apache Plume L 3 to 8' Full
Genista Hispanica Spanish Broom M to 4' Full
Juniperus Chinensis - EL "Ames", "Blue Point", "Fruitland,"undefined
"Hetzii Glauca", "Old Gold",undefined
"Mint Julep", "Pfitzer",undefined
"Sargent", "Sea Green," Juniper
M Varies Full
Juniperus Sabina - L "Arcadia", "Buffalo",
"Scandia", "Tam" Juniper
M Varies Full
Larrea Tridentata - EL Creosotebush L 3 to 6' Full
Mahonia Aquifolium Oregon Grape Holly M to 6' Part / Full
Mahonia Aquifolium
'Compacta' - L
Compact Oregon Grape M 2' Part / Full
Nolina Microcarpa - L Beargrass L to 4' Full
Opuntia Clavata Dagger Spine Cholla L 3" Full Sandy
Opuntia Phaecantha - L Prickly Pear L 6" to 2' Full Sandy
Purshia Tridentata Antelope Bitterbush L to 10' Full
Raphiolepis Indica - L India Hawthorn M to 3' Part / Shade
Salvia Dorrii Desert Sage L 1 to 3' Full
Santolina Virens - L Holy Flax, Green Santolina L 1 to 3' Full
Vauquelinia Californica - EL Arizona Rosewood L to 20' Full
Yucca Glauca Soapweed L to 4' Full Sandy