Wheeler Sotol

Dasylirion Wheeleri

Image of Wheeler Sotol
Whole Plant
Image of Wheeler Sotol leaf
Image of Wheeler Soto flower

Jerrod Tyrell Greeman, Agro / Hort 100G Spring 2002

The Southwest has many low water usage plants. One of these low water usage plants is the Dasylirion wheeleri also known by its common name as the (Wheeler Sotol). This particular plant is very much at home within the Southwest. It somewhat resembles the structure of a Yucca plant from a distance, however a close up inspection reveals it to be a one of a kind here in the desert southwest. The Wheeler Sotol supposedly thrives in sandy soils, however I observed several growing within calichi and lime stone hillsides within a natural environment. Individuals who have them in landscape and also those who have observed them in their natural state claim that they bloom every year no matter how dry or wet it may seem. Of course this plant requires little water and very little maintenance, this is due to the fact that the plant was designed to take care of itself within the harshest conditions. This plant is also designated as a low water usage plant by El Paso an Las Cruces Provided that the plant is situated to obtain full sunlight, the Wheeler Sotol makes an excellent cost effective, and aesthetic edition within any xeriscape project.