Herbaceous Perennials and Annuals

Site Legend

  • E - Plants designated as low or moderate water use on the El Paso County Suggested Plant List are indicated as "E".
  • L - Plants designated as low or moderate water use on the Las Cruces Plant List will be indicated as "L".

Water Requirement:

  • H = High water use. Either large volumes or frequent application of water is needed throughout the life of the plant; weekly or more often during peak summer months.
  • M = Moderate water use. Some supplemental water is needed throughout the life of the plant; at least twice monthly during peak summer months once established.
  • L = Low water use. Able to survive once established without supplemental water; water needed at least once a month for plants to look their best.

Soils Suitability:

  • Suitable for any soil unless specific one listed.


  • Plants with high pollen production are indicated as "P"
Salvia Farinacea - EL
Scientific name Common name Water Height Sunlight Soil
Abronia spp. - EL Sand Verbena L to 24" Full Sandy
Alcea Rosea* - L Hollyhock M 48 to 108" Full
Anchusa Azurea* Anchusa M 36 to 60" Part / Full
Antennaria Rosea Pussytoes L 1 to 6' Full
Arabis Alpina Mountain Rockcress M / H 6" Full
Armeria Maritima - L Thrift M 6 to 12" Full
Artemisia Frigida - L Fringed Sage L 12 to 18" Full
Artemisia Pontica - L Roman Wormwood M to 48" Full
Artemisia X 'Powis Castle' - L 'Powis Castle' Wormwood M to 2' Part / Full
Baileya Multiradiata* - EL Desert Marigold L 12 to 24" Full
Callirhoe Involucrata Poppy Mallow L / M to 24" Full
Castilleja spp. - L Indian Paintbrush M 12 to 30" Partial
Centaurea Cineraria Dusty Miller L / M 6 to 12" Full
Ceratostigma Plumbaginoides Dwarf Plumbago M 24 to 48" Shade / Full
Cosmos Bipinnatus* - L Cosmos M 36 to 96" Full
Dianthus Barbatus* Sweet William M 10 to 20" Part / Full
Dictamnus spp. Gas Plant M 30 to 48"
Dyssodia Acerosa Wild Marigold L to 8"
Eriogonum Umbellatum - L Sulphur Flower L 4 to 18" Full
Eschscholzia Californica* California Poppy L 6 to 12" Full
Euphorbia Myrsinites - L Blue Spurge L 8 to 12" Full Sandy
Gaillardia X Grandiflora - L Gaillardia M 24 to 48" Full
Geranium macrorrhizum Geranium M / H 4" X 18" Shade
Gypsophila Elegans* Annual Baby's Breath M 12 to 18" Part / Full
Hymenoxys Argentea - L Perky Sue L 12" Full
Ipomoea Leptophylla Bush Morningglory L to 36" Full Sandy
Ipomopsis Rubra* Skyrocket L to 72" Full
Lavandula Angustifolia English Lavender L / M 36 to 48" Full
Rudbeckia laciniate Glow," "Hortensiana" "Golden Golden Glow" M 72 to 108" Full
Salvia Azurea Grandiflora - L Pitcher Sage M 36 to 48" Full
Mealycup Sage M Full
Salvia Officinalis Garden Sage M to 24" Full
Sanvitalia Procumbens Creeping Zinnia L 4 to 6" Full
Sedum Telephium Autumn Joy Sedum L / M 12 to 24" Full
Solidago Hybrids Goldenrod M / H 12 to 36" Part / Full
Stachys Byzantina - L Woolly Lamb's Ear M 12 to 15" Part / Full
Tanacetum Densum Amani Partridge Feather L / M to 12" Sun / Shade
Teucrium Chamaedrys Germander M to 12" Part / Full
Thymus Pseudolanuginosus - L Wooly Thyme M 2 X 18" Shade / Full
Verbena Bipinnatifida Fern or Dakota Verbena L to 12" Full
Verbena Rigida Purple Verbena L 2 to 4" Full
Veronica Incana - L Woolly Speedwell M 12 to 18" Part / Full
Veronica Pectinata - L Wooly Speedwell M 3" to 18" Part / Full
Wyethia Scabra Desert Mule's Ear L to 20" Full
Zinnia Grandiflora - EL Desert Zinnia L to 8" Full Sandy