English Lavender

Lavandula Angustifolia

Image of English Lavender
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Image of Enlish Lavender leaf
Image of English Lavender flower

English lavender is in the family Labiatae. It is a native of the Mediterranean region and is found in USDA zones 5b to 8a. It's a perennial with attractive blossoms, loves to be in full sun and moist soil, and attracts bees.

The English lavender is an evergreen shrub with narrow silver needlelike leaves on a bushy plant. It can be up to 18 inches tall. The seeds usually germinate slowly and erratically.

English lavender needs to be planted in full sun and well-drained clean soil about 12 inches apart. The plant needs to be planted in well-drained soil to prevent rot and encourage good air circulation to prevent foliage diseases. You can mulch with an inch or two of coarse sand.

Lavender is a very attractive ornamental with a wonderful fragrance that can be used in potpourri, wreaths, flower arrangements, and in cooking.

-Christine Rogers, Agro / Hort 100 Spring 1999