Parry Agave

Agave Parryi

Image of Parry Agave
Whole Plant
Image of Parry Agave Leaf

Garret Hyatt, Agro / Hort 100G Spring 2002

The Parry Agave belongs to the family Agavaceae. It is a perennial and blooms in late spring or early summer. Parry Agave, also known as the century plant only blooms once in their life, which usually lasts 25 years. The century plant produces a 10 to 14 foot stalk that grows so rapidly that it consumes all the energy of the plant. Its leaves are 10 to 18 inches long with sharp spines along the edge and at the tip.

The scientific name for the Parry Agave is Agave parryi. The plant grows best in Sonoran or Chihuahuan deserts on dry rocky slopes. The Indians also used the century plant as a source of food, fiber, soap, medicine and weapons.

Jessie Martinez, Agro / Hort 100G Spring 2002 Agave parryi, ssp. neomexicana

This cactus is very beautiful and protects itself with spear shaped leaves with sharp points and claws on the edges of the leaves. It grows a stalk that can grow up to 10 ft. or more in some plants. This cactus is greyish with lace of black on it edges and points. It blooms a beautiful flower in many shades of yellow. This plant blooms every 8 to 20 years. But with its beauty and protection it is ideal for use in desert landscaping or in large pots or containers. This plant is very hardy with a low water tolerance. It grows in the Southern part of New Mexico, in Arizona, east Texas, and in northern parts of Mexico.