Western Catalpa

Catalpa Speciosa

Image of Western Catalpa
Whole Plant
Image of Western Catalpa Leaf

The western catalpa is native to the United States from southern Illinois to Arkansas. Grown for its foliage and flowers, this 30-100 foot tree needs a lot of room. They perform well in hot summer areas and provide good shade.

The flowers are trumpet shaped white flowers with yellow stripes and brown and purple spots. These flowers are in loose clusters about seven inches long. There are long pods that are brown and bean shaped that hang after bloom and create debris along with fallen leaves.

The western catalpa requires moderate irrigation to perform at its best. It should be pruned and shaped when young. Protect it from high winds; branches are somewhat brittle. It is ideal for zones 5-10.

-Erik Oldrup Agro / Hort 100, Spring 1999